New 2017 Hardcore Pyro, Planet X, Zombie Brand, and More!

This year we’ve been working hard on our in-house product line adding a variety of new product from 500 and 200 gram aerial repeaters to novelties like sky lanterns and everything in between. Keep up to date with this post to check out all of our new products with links and videos included (videos coming soon.)


Ghost in the Machines

  • Type: 500 Gram Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 19
  • Duration:
  • Description: Vibrant purple tails to alternating shots or red, yellow, purple, green and blue tipped timed rain palms.




  • Type: 500 Gram Aerial Repeaters
  • Shots: 158
  • Duration:
  • Description: Red, sea blue, green, lemon, and purple color pearls that zip back and forth to loud whistles to zipping multi color pearls with a huge crackle finale!



  • Type: 200 Gram Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 16
  • Duration:
  • Description: Blue and red stars with golden glitter to blue and yellow stars with golden glitter shots to blue and green stars with golden glitter followed by red and orange pearls with golden glitter to a awesome 4 shot finale!



Cabo Wabo

  • Type: 200 Gram Aerial Repeaters
  • Shots: 10
  • Duration:
  • Description: Giant bursts of aqua blue with silver glitter, to purple and orange with white glitter, to purple and yellow with silver glitter ending with a huge 3 shot finale.



  • Type: 200G Aerial Repeaters
  • Shots: 8
  • Duration:
  • Description: Silver tails to blue and red tipped crackling palms with green glitter pistils.



  • Type: 500g Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 36
  • Duration:
  • Description: Multiple volleys of vibrant lemon yellows, lime green, blood red, and grape blue ending with a hard hitting finale.


Planet Rock

  • Type: 200G Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 12
  • Duration:
  • Description: Vibrant blue, lemon, and red dahlias with golden strobes followed by a huge 3 shot strobe gold willow finale!


Neon Comets with Tails

  • Type: Roman Candles
  • Shots: 10
  • Duration:
  • Description: Vibrant multicolored high quality roman candles with white tails that come in a pack of 5.


In Memory of Sky Lanterns

  • Type: Novelties
  • Duration:
  • Description: Honor the memory of your fallen love ones with these high quality sky lanterns. There also fire retardant so they wont catch on fire easy.



8″ Gold Sparklers

  • Type: Novelties
  • Duration:
  • Description: These 8 inch vibrant golden sparklers have a really long burn time and come with 12 boxes of 8 totaling 96.



American Meteorite Snaps

  • Type: Novelties
  • Description: This remake on the classic snap will provide tons of entertainment for everyone in the family. Each case comes with 40 packs of 50 snaps equaling 2000 snaps total.

Emoji Rockets

  • Type: Rockets
  • Duration:
  • Description: 100% viewable smiley rockets that will send up an emoji in the sky with a loud bang. Comes with a mix of 4 colors.


Pink Elephant 80/16 Firecrackers

  • Type: Firecrackers
  • Duration:
  • Description: High quality, super charged titanium firecrackers that come in a classic brick with 80 packs of 16.

Crazy Mutant Artillery Shells

  • Type: Artillery Shells
  • Shots: 12
  • Duration:
  • Description: A variety of 12 assorted artillery ball shells that come with a variation of different colors and effects like willows, crackles, peonies, and more!