New 2018 In-House Product!

Its finally approaching the 2018 firework season and this year we have a ton of new product from all of our in-house brands that are sure to excite with unique effects, packaging, and colors. We have a ton of new 500/200 gram multishot repeaters, artillery shells, fountains, missiles, rockets, fountains, and more. Keep up to date with this blog post with video updates coming soon!


Dragon Glass

  • Type: 500 Gram Aerial Repeaters
  • Shots: 9
  • Duration:
  • Description: This heavy hitter features 9 huge luminescent sky blue nishiki styled breaks.


  • Type: 200 Gram Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 24
  • Duration:
  • Description: Illuminate the night sky with this 24 shot beauty. Breathtaking Cyan, purple, and lemon peonies are shot in a “W” formation followed by luminescent silver and red strobes to blue stars that break with huge silver strobing mines.

Cosmic Battle

  • Type: 500g Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 12
  • Duration:
  • Description: This cosmic battle is sure to light up the sky with huge double layer mines of flying fish and alternating color stars to crackling brocades with alternating color stars with an insane finale.


  • Type: 500G Aerial Finale
  • Shots: 228
  • Duration:
  • Description: Prepare yourself for a huge red, white and blue comet finale. This heavy hitter zips back and forth opening up to a unique red, and green comet peacock pattern followed by a huge wall of blue and yellow dahlias and ending with a finale of time rain crackle that fills the sky. Feel the Force!


  • Type: Fountain
  • Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Description:  Consistent loud fountain with a spider crackle that keeps switching from loud to low with random whisles and mixed with vibrant reds and greens.

Pink Elephant 40/16 Firecrackers

  • Type: Firecrackers
  • Duration:
  • Description: High quality, super charged titanium firecrackers that come in a classic brick with 40 packs of 16. Extremely loud.

Monster Squad

  • Type: 500 Gram Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 33
  • Duration:
  • Description: Blinding mines with white strobes and gold glitter comets to blue stars with alternating green and gold willows to sky blue bouquets and rows of green red and blue stars with gold willows. This is a real Monster bash.

Horror Show

  • Type: 500 Gram Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 24
  • Duration:
  • Description: This horror show features Silver dragon tails to massive breaks of luminescent red, green, blue, purple, and lemon stars with bright strobes and falling leaves. Try not to be afraid!


  • Type: 500 Gram Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 25
  • Duration:
  • Description: Super loud ear piercing screaming serpent tails to red, white, and blue chrysanthemums. Fear The Banshee!

Bug Out

  • Type: 200 Gram Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 16
  • Duration:
  • Description: Brocade crown tails with crackling mines to tremendous breaks of blue, red, green, and white strobes to purple and green stars and ending with red, white, and blue strobes.


  • Type: 200 Gram Aerial Repeater
  • Shots: 18
  • Duration:
  • Description: Scary Sky blue stars with, red, green, purple, lemon yellow, and silver strobes to brocades with a frightening phenomenal “V” shaped color palm and silver strobe mine finale.

Keep an eye on this post for more new product posts + videos coming soon!