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A big welcome from our crew at Intergalactic Fireworks!  It is, here, where your Fourth of July can, truly, come alive due our virtually-endless selection of high-quality fireworks designed to provide hours and hours of mesmerizing entertainment!  In fact, if you have a special occasion approaching such as a birthday bash, anniversary, wedding reception, family BBQ or reunion, our experts can guide you on the type of fireworks that might best suit your gathering!

At Intergalactic Fireworks, our passion to promote unforgettable pyrotechnic performances is at the heart of what we do.  We'll provide the sensational colors, blasting booms, spiraling sizzles, and shooting stars that will captivate your audience, while you get all the credit – and we won't mind, one bit!

Our team has spent years researching the highest quality fireworks suppliers.  That means you can buy fireworks online, through Intergalactic Fireworks, that will perform as utter showstoppers!  We offer the top brand names that stand out in the fireworks industry including Dominator, Magnus, Black Cat, Hardcore Pyro, Planet X, Iron Man and so many others.  We have well over 100 fireworks brands that offer the most superb firepower-presentation capabilities!

When you buy our retail or wholesale fireworks online, you eliminate the drive, the time, the lines, and the heat.  Our online option means you enjoy a fun, effortless, and efficient purchasing experience from the comfort of your home, car, or office.

Gather your family around our online wholesale catalog where you will discover a mind-blowing, colorful array of every type of fireworks, imaginable – from 550 gram Aerial Repeaters and Fountains to Missiles, Artillery Shells, Sparklers and, oh, so much more!

The bottom line is, our online-fireworks selection is guaranteed to delight, thrill and excite every age group and pyrotech preference.  Whether one is two, twenty-two, or ninety-two, our fireworks selection caters to everyone and is beat by no one!

Shop Our In-House/On-Line Fireworks Catalog

As you browse through our new in-house catalog, you will be amazed at the stunning variety of fireworks you can choose from, and you'll appreciate the information provided for each item, including 1) quantity 2) the sounds, colors and dramatic effects each type of fireworks creates 3) the number of shots and 4) how each finale will generate its grand, crescendo production!  Also, we have some fantastic specials as well as the ability to download coupons – check them out!

Ordering Fireworks Online

Our team is ready to assist municipalities, event coordinators, and special occasions of all types.  When you order wholesale fireworks online through Intergalactic, you can have a pallet or a truckload of fireworks delivered, directly, to your locations!   Our show division, High Energy Pyrotechnics, caters to any type of event where fireworks are desired to add a type of aesthetics to the entertainment experience that fireworks, and only fireworks, can provide!

You can buy fireworks online – retail or wholesale – and choose from 'best sellers' and 'new arrivals' and, of course, the ever-popular 'classics' that have been a mainstay with fireworks displays for generations.

Though we offer the option to buy fireworks online throughout the year, each state has its own set of guidelines for the sale of consumer Class 1.4G products.  We encourage you to check our online shipping policy.

From fireworks that generate colossal, colorful, and blazing explosions to multicolored sizzling smoke balls and every other type of fireworks in-between, our inventory array is stellar and unsurpassed.  We have thousands of different fireworks available to make this Fourth of July more memorable and more breath-taking than ever before!

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