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Fireworks are one of the most totally radical ways to begin – or end – a wonderful night. From childhood memories of Fourth of July, to the fireworks that commemorate our military heroes, and even to those who use them to celebrate weddings or any other special occasions, fireworks really help create lasting memories. As with any pyrotechnics, fireworks come with responsibility. If you have any questions about our fireworks for sale in PA, fireworks for sale in NJ, how to buy fireworks online, how to use fireworks, or anything else related to pyrotechnics, our dynamic customer support team can help right away! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Here at Intergalactic Fireworks we sell all kinds of fireworks: artillery shells (mortars), rockets, roman candles, 500 gram cakes, 200 gram cakes, finale racks, aerial tubes, helicopters, multi-shot repeaters, rockets, bottle rockets, fountains, firecrackers, sparklers, smoke balls, novelties, and other cool stuff like: jokes, gags, birthday candles, E.L. wire, LED lights, collectibles, and more! Our NJ store is limited to safe & sane ground items though.


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