Excitement personified: How fireworks add flavor to festivities

There are some things you can’t picture without certain ingredients, like bacon and egg, movies and pop-corn, the 4th of July and fireworks. The evening calls for celebration and what better way than to open up a pack of big firecrackers. Lighting them up brings out a big bang, a big boom and a big splash of colors. Watching the firecrackers paint the evening sky is an exemplary ode to America that was free on the 4th of July.

The psychology of fireworks The reason why most of us enjoy fireworks is because when a display of light and sound stimulates our brain, a feel-good hormone known as dopamine fills our brain. The same is with any activity we enjoy doing. The idea of getting together as a community and witnessing something exiting promotes community wellbeing and strengthens bonds. Physiologists suggest group building activities have a sense of fulfillment at the end and when you involve a group in a fun activity like blowing up fireworks, it has a positive effect.

Buying fireworks Before heading to the store to get your hands on these loud babies, be aware of laws in your area against possession of fireworks. A week before the 4th of July, retailers set up temporary shops to sell fireworks, In all the excitement don’t ignore the safety aspect after all its better to be safe than sorry. When choosing fireworks look out for cheaper options available online like Intergalactic. This is one such fireworks retailer that provides quality and cheap fireworks in Pennsylvania.
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