Labor Day 2018

After having a fun and successful celebration for this year’s 4th of July, and with summer beginning to wind down, we at Intergalactic Fireworks are looking forward to the next upcoming holiday, Labor Day. This unofficial start to the autumn season is a great time to celebrate good ol’ American labor, and is also the perfect occasion to set off some fireworks for friends and family! Whether you’re planning a large get-together or a small hangout, a nice firework show is a splendid finish to any evening, this Labor Day weekend.

Spice up your barbecue with our 500 Gram fountains. Each of these ground-based fireworks can pack quite a punch, and provide a powerful personal performance for your party. You can buy all different kinds of fountains at both our Pennsylvania and New Jersey locations. With such a wide selection to choose from, you’ll have no issue finding a fountain that can light up your whole backyard with intense crackles, vibrant color, and loads of other spectacular effects. They’re easy to set up, and incredibly enjoyable to watch.

For something a little more high-key, we also offer a vast array of multi shot repeaters or “cakes”. Aerial Repeaters are some of the most popular and common types of consumer fireworks. When most people think of a “firework”, chances are this is what they’re referring to. Where the fountains can add a lot of excitement to your yard, these multishot cakes can put on a show for the entire neighborhood, shooting various types of aerial fireworks way up into the sky for everyone to admire. Plus, they are just as easy to set up as a fountain. You light one fuse, step back and enjoy the display as the cake shoots off a marvelous show in one simple package. A good idea is to set off a few smaller, 200 gram repeaters, and then finish off with one of our 500g cakes as a finale. When you set these babies off, you and everyone in a quarter-mile radius will have a Labor Day weekend they’ll remember for years to come.
Make sure to use your fireworks responsibly, and have a pleasant rest of the summer!