Memorial Day Savings

Memorial day is a very special day of remembrance, and because of that, Intergalactic Fireworks would like to share our annual Memorial Day sale with you. As always, we’ll have stacks of 500G Cakes throughout the store in Langhorne PA, that you can pick up for only $100. Each stack contains a wide variation of cakes with different brands, effects, shot counts, and colors; And they’re all selected to complement each other when lit one after the other. This is an excellent time to grab some low-price multi-shot repeaters that will provide an excellent Memorial day firework show for your friends and family. Also, For those who visit our Jackson NJ store, we will also be doing the stack deal but will have 500 Gram fountains instead of cakes. Don’t forget we always offer military discounts to active servicemen and women, as well as veterans. We hope to see you for these great deals, and have a fun and safe holiday!