Planning a Fireworks Weekend in Pennsylvania?

While you are in town you will also experience the glamor and glitter of the parks live song and dance revues as talented musicians from across the country perform. Any kids traveling with you? Pennsylvania offers the best kid’s park. It is called Dutch Wonderland and boy is it! In a 2004 survey conducted by the industry newspaper Amusement Today, hundreds of amusement park fans from all over the world voted Dutch Wonderland among the Top 5 Best Kids’ Parks in the World! This amusement park has lots of rides, attractions, games and food. In addition it has events that showcase kids’ talents and interactive shows that the whole family can star in. Can you imagine starring in your own show? Best friends Duke The Dragon and the Princess of Dutch Wonderland love to walk around the Kingdom sharing hugs and high fives with kids. Sounds like great fun not only for the kids, but the adults on your charter bus will enjoy this wonderland too. How about some art and history while you are in town? Go to the Allentown Art Museum and explore the diversity of the art collection and the special exhibitions. Our Intergalactic team can guide you where you will be presented with approximately twelve changing exhibitions each year to offer you a NEW experience each time you visit. This museum has historical masterpieces from Italian, German, and Dutch masters. Our Intergalactic team can guide you to learn of some famous artists like, Gilbert Stuart, Frank Lloyd Wright and Robert Mothwell, are represented. Many who achieved prominence, such as Gustav Grunwald, Harry Bertioa, and Joan Synder, made their homes here in eastern Pennsylvania. The Albertus Meyers Bridge, this is something your charter bus tour definitely should not miss. This large concrete span with its massive arches was built in 1912-1913 by the Lehigh Valley Transit Company, a streetcar and inter-urban line, to connect Allentown with the newly developing south Allentown neighborhoods and cross the frequently flooded Little Lehigh Creek. At the time it was built, it was said to be the largest concrete bridge in the world. Another exciting stop will be the Homeopathic Healing Art Plaque in Allentown. It is a bronze plaque on a rock that marks the location of the world’s first medical college exclusively devoted to the practice of homeopathic medicine. Called “The North American Academy of Homeopathic Healing Art,” it was founded on April 10, 1835. The technique of homeopathic medicine – the idea that a drug which will produce certain symptoms in a healthy person will cure a sick person with the same symptoms – was developed in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and carried to America. And lastly, this beautiful place of Allentown has lots of places for you to relax and enjoy your favorite foods. Your group from the chartered bus, will relish places like the Beacon 443 Restaurant, Alfie’s Pizzeria Restaurant, and Switchback Family Restaurant, just to name a few. We that our Intergalactic team can recommend you to the best locations and you and your family will have a wonderful time exploring the lovely town of Allentown.