Spring Clearance Sale

Enjoying fireworks throughout the winter months can definitely leave you with a depleted supply of aerials for the upcoming warm season. But there’s good news for those looking to get their hands on some new toys. At long last, the annual Intergalactic Fireworks Spring Sale is here! We have tons of all the fireworks you need, at incredible discounts. Let’s say you need some new multishot repeaters to match your fresh, go-get-‘em, spring attitude. At Intergalactic, you can choose from a wide variety of 500g cakes and 200 gram cakes, all for ultra low prices. Need a finale to go with those repeaters? No problem. We’ve got a ton of finale racks on sale too. You’ll get these amazing discounted prices, plus, you will even get your free bonus gift depending on what bracket your in! There’s figuratively no better time to come down and check out our selection. We hope to see you here for the Spring Clearance Sale so you can get in on these sweet deals from now until April 30th!